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The fundamental part of Conflict Theory is class — based conflicts. A prejudice may be defined as a composite of stereotypes, myths, legends in which the group lebel or symbol is used to classify, characterize or define an individual or a group considered as a totality.

The prejudices of people even in the same country or same race vary significantly not only in content, but also in clarity, specificity, strength, importance and verifiability. It is possible to process a huge amount of information about momentary encounters.

Kinds of Stereotypes Stereotypes that are based on ethnicity or race are called racial — ethnic stereotypes. The conditions and expectations assigned to members of group simply on the basis of the membership in those groups lead to prejudice. People believe in different religions, have different political views, and even have differing views on how to raise children.

Sometimes politically dominant groups continue to dominate on other groups. In prejudice, the experiences gained from social life are over simplified and hence lead to prejudgement.

If people assume that members of a certain group are lazy, they may act in a way that actually elicits laziness on the part of the members of that group. This leads to defensive behavior, further fueling the tension between the in-group and the out-group. But the reverse is not true.

Some emphasise the role of self fulfilling prophecy to the development of prejudice. Most of the works on attitudes, stereotypes and prejudice are mostly of the survey type. Prejudice is found to be greater among people with low status in society.

Further, psychological insight of parents should be increased for psychological therapy.

Essay: Prejudice and Discrimination

But, if the individual uses the socially disapproved ways to satisfy these needs and then rationalises, he projects and attributes his own faults on other groups, classes or castes, leading to the occurrence of prejudice.

The purpose of the study was to compare the amount and pattern of religious, caste and sex prejudice and to study the relationship between personal factors and prejudice in the children of two important religious groups, Hindus and Muslims.

Three types of theories present the sociological approach of prejudice investigation. The interaction should be sustained. However, discrimination can also consist of more subtle, passive-aggressive behavior, such as dirty looks, or refusing to patronize a business because the owners or managers are of a certain race, gender, or religion.

The people belonging to this category have a tendency more often stereotype and rigidly characterize the members of minority groups. Stokely Carmichael is credited for coining the phrase institutional racism in the late s.

A large number of methods and strategies have been used to reduce prejudice and discrimination. Therefore, the skin becomes the bases for stereotyping. Murphy has emphasized on dependence, early freedom from frustration leading to the absence of habits, controlling aggression, lack of opportunities in childhood for group planning and thinking, leading to lack of methods of resolving conflicts between groups in adulthood responsible for development of prejudice.

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The Contact Theory tells that interaction between Whites and representative members of minorities might reduce the prejudice in both groups. Stereotypes are over simplification of facts which are used to add meaning to certain facts out of a complex social environment.

The key process of social cognition refers to the fundamental ways in which one thinks about other persons. Spatial difference can be enough to conclude that "we" are "here" and the "others" are over "there". Implicit attitudes are evaluations that occur without conscious awareness towards an attitude object or the self.

Part 1 of Article 1 of the U. Individuals involved in conflict at the time of the investigation tended to show more tension. Bureau of the Census, KupuswamyRath and DasRath and Sircar have made some studies on caste prejudice.

Actually, most supporters of affirmative action oppose this type of preferential selection. Prejudice promotes social tension and jealousy which exploits the peace, prosperity and happiness of human civilization.

Because of the prejudice against overweight members of society, there are groups seeking acceptance of people of all shapes and sizes because no two people are the same.

Essay on Prejudice

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Nov 08,  · The prejudice is an attitude, the discrimination is an action, and racism is a directed negative treatment for racial or ethnic groups.

Consequently, racism includes either attitude or behavior. Religious, racial, political or other prejudices make a ground for international misunderstanding.5/5(15).

Stereotyping can be defined as "generalizations about a group of people in which the same characteristics are assigned to all members of a group. Prejudice is "a learned attitude toward a object, involving negative feelings (dislike or fear), negative beliefs (stereotypes) that justify the attitude /5(11).

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a. The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions: "This is not actually a volume of the best short stories These are just the stories that I like best, and I am full of prejudice and strong opinions" (Ann Patchett).

Essay prejudice discrimination
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